Designer Hangers as a Unique Bridesmaids Gift

Why do you need designer hangers? Our simple answer is WHY NOT! You are in your closet everyday picking out clothes, organizing clothes, so why get hung up on ordinary hangers. A few designer hangers will make your closet feel like a boutique. They are durable and sturdy, keep thin straps from slipping, and yet they are absolutely gorgeous. A mix of pearl hangers and crystal hangers are an elegant touch to any closet. A great tip is to use them for dressy tops so they are easy to identify in a crowded closet. Bridesmaids gift... they can be tough. Your bridesmaids are probably part of your life for different reasons, they have different personalities and taste, yet it is important to give them a thoughtful gift because we all know it is a huge commitment to be part of someones wedding. From buying the bridesmaids dress, planning and attending showers and bachelorette parties, your bridesmaids are a huge reason a lot of your pre-wedding activities happen.
Designer Hanger
Bridesmaids gift
Our designer hangers are the perfect bridesmaids gift for many different reasons. First it is something all of your bridsemaids will actually use after the wedding, they most likely all use hangers. Our designer hangers are also a great touch to any wedding day photos, they are a great way to display the bridesmaids dresses, and they also make a perfect wedding dress hanger. So not only will your bridesmaids use the hangers after the wedding, they will get some use the day of the wedding.
Designer Hanger
Bridesmaids Gift
How can you incorporate the hangers into your wedding? We are more than happy to help with this. We can tie a bow on each hanger to match your wedding colors. If we don't have your wedding colors, we will find them. For more information please email us at: and we'll be happy to help you create the perfect bridesmaids gift. We have beautiful pearl hangers, crystal hangers, and beaded hangers.
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