Cleaning Out Your Closet= Less Stress

I saw a segment on the Today show where they said we should get rid of 70% of the contents of our closets. This seemed extreme to me, but when I started going through my clothes I probably haven't worn 70% of my items in about 2 years. I seem to keep things "just in case" I want to wear them again. My best advice is when cleaning out your clothes is to try EVERYTHING on. It is amazing how much styles change, and things just don't fit you the way they use to. If you are on the fence about something you aren't going to wear it, you always gravitate towards clothing items that make you feel good about yourself. I cleaned out A LOT, and donated my clothes to a family who I knew really needed the items. It is so much easier to get dressed in the morning, I know what I have in my closet, and I know that everything fits well. So on a rainy weekend make it your goal to take away a little stress from your life!

nuMoM2b Study Visit 2

I cannot believe how much time has gone by in this pregnancy, however, I am just a little over half way there... I still have the fall and a few weeks in the winter to get through. I had my second visit for the nuMom2b study and it was a lot quicker than the first. They went through the same basic health questions, and asked questions about my husbands side of the family. My husband was there because they also did an ultrasound. One of the questions is: "is your current spouse the father of the child?" My husband thought it was funny, it is just such an awkward question, but I guess things happen. After they took all the samples came the fun part. They did an ultrasound (to take measurements) and even did a 3d ultrasound. It was a little early in the pregnancy to get great photos 3d, but it was cool to see. They also gave us a flash drive to take home with all the photos on it. Only one more study visit to go, I'll post about it when it comes!

Little Black Dress Bridal Shower

A client of mine hosted a "Little Black Dress" Bridal shower. Instead of having the shower during the day, this shower was more of a cocktail party event, and even included a DJ for dancing. I thought this was a wonderful idea. She purchased a pearl beaded hanger for each guest and used them as place cards. She had them hanging on a rack for guest to retrieve when they entered. Not only did they serve as place cards but also the shower favor. Everyone was so excited to bring home the pearl hanger to hang their "little black dress" on!