nuMoM2b Study Visit 3

I cannot believe that I just completed my third and final study visit. When I was sitting in my Dr.'s office at 12 weeks and asked to participate in the nuMoM2b study, my third visit seemed so far away. This visit was probably the shorted out of the three when it came to the questions and sample collections. The questions were the same, just "updating" info to see if anything had changed. However, the ultrasound was more intense than last time. They did a lot of measurements in the ultrasound, and I did get a few photos, but none of them were great because my little guy was being such a stinker. One great thing about the study (other than helping future moms) is the two extra ultrasounds. It is always fun to see how much your little peanut has changed, and what they are up to in there. My little guy is currently breech, but I was told that a lot can change in the next few weeks. I was given a packet to bring to the hospital for more samples to be collected after the birth... I just hope I remember to bring the packet. I was also told someone would come visit me in the hospital to do and exit interview. I am now anticipating the big "birth" day!

Bridal Events

We are excited to announce that we are participating as a vendor at our first bridal event in Chicago! When I was planning my wedding I attended a few of these events and found that they were very helpful. They usually feature the latest trends in weddings, and spark ideas and creativity that may have not been there before. I would advise any bride to check out just one, even for just the free food and cocktails, plus usually a great fashion show... but you will probably leave with at least one new idea! Here is a link to the bridal event we will be attending:

The Joys of Traveling

I consider myself a pretty experienced traveler, however, yesterday made me feel like it was my first time. I was on my way to a business trip (my day job) to a small city, I decided to check my bag because I knew they would take it from me anyway. Well, my flight got cancelled and I couldn't get on another one to that location for two days. At this point it was pointless for me to fly out there because I missed the function I was traveling there for. So I cancelled my flight and thought that my bag would magically appear. Wrong! My bag was going to my destination on the next flight without me, I couldn't get it back. I had to wait for it to go, and then they would send it back once it wasn't claimed. The lady at baggage told me, "never check a bag when it is raining outside." It makes no sense to me, point taken, and lesson learned. It took another day before I got my bag, which contained all may maternity clothes, and make up. I'm ready to do it all over again tomorrow, but trust me I will be carrying on!

Christmas before Halloween

I was wandering around the mall this weekend and was shocked to see that the department stores ALREADY have their Christmas items out. Decorated trees seemed to push the Halloween decor into a deep corner. I for one love the holidays, but I would like to enjoy Halloween without thinking about Christmas, it just seems really early, as if we are rushing fall. The funny thing is I am expecting my first baby 12/30/2011 and my doctor told me it would be a good idea to think about doing my shopping now because I won't feel like going near a mall around the holidays. I am almost inclined to start, but I still just can't wrap my mind around the idea, maybe the day after Halloween I'll be ready. However, for those of you who are early shoppers our hangers make great and unique gifts. EVERYONE uses hangers, and they are a one size fits all sort of gift. If you are looking for that person who has everything, our hangers are a great way to go. We will have new styles coming out soon! So to those early shoppers... more power to you!

Almost one year in business, and all over the map!

We are fast approaching our one year anniversary!!! I couldn't be happier about the way things are going. We have had amazing customers and great feedback. Not only have we had happy customers in the United States, we are also making our mark in Canada, Europe, and UAE! We are proud that Chic Chic Baskets, and Special Delivery Baby Boutique are both featuring our hangers, and look forward to many more partnerships ahead of us. We are also excited that beautiful clothing is being displayed on our beaded hangers in two boutiques in Europe. As we enter our second year of business we are launching a baby boys line, and also adding to our pearl collection. We cannot wait for another great year!

New designs coming soon

I am excited to announce that we will have new designs just in time for the holidays! I am adding a new Adult Pearl Hanger, and baby boy hangers. As soon as they arrive I will post more about them. It is never to early to start planning for your holiday shopping. I will also be putting out coupon codes coming up to the holiday season, so watch out for those so you can get some great deals! I am excited about how popular our hangers have become, and look forward to adding to our collection!

Leaving the Big City

I knew the time would come when we would have to pack up and leave the big city. After six great years of having the city right at my doorstep I am now officially a suburbanite! To be honest we are a short 30 minute train ride from the city, but I am no longer a resident, and I have a heavy heart going back, this is what I'll miss... - Always something to do - Weekend brunch - Walking around with no where to go - World class theater - Any cuisine possible a short cab ride away - festivals and street fairs - ALWAYS something to do .... the list goes on 🙂 However, there are some positives about living outside the city: leaving windows open at night, driving places without worrying about parking, slower pace of life, among other things. I am excited about this new chapter in my life, but I will miss the city!