Unique Baby Shower Gift

I am someone always looking for unique gifts and gift ideas. It is amazing to me how many creative people are out there, and can really appreciate their gifting ideas. A family friend created a "Baby Cupcake Tree," for my baby shower. She started with cupcake tree you can find at store like: Bed Bath & Beyond, Target, Jo- Ann Fabrics, and many more. She then filled reuseable cupcake liners with baby goods. Each cupcake liner was filled with a onesie, socks, baby washcloths, or beanies. Not only was the idea ADORABLE, but I will use everything that went into making it. I am sure that my little guy will have plenty of occasions where I can make and display cupcakes, and I know that the onesies etc. will all be put to good use!


I loved Halloween as a kid, and I still love it as an adult. I remember it was the only time of year that my mom would make homemade pizza. Don't ask me why, but when we would come in from trick-or-treating my mom would always have a pizza crust ready for us to put whatever we wanted on it. To me this was the BEST pizza in the world, and we would only have it once a year. Now that I am older I enjoy seeing kids in their costumes, they have come a long way since I was a kid. I think I will enjoy it even more with my little one on the way, it just is a fun time of year to be a kid!

Baby Shower Ideas

I am blessed to have a large family, as well as a lot of family friends. My wedding shower was HUGE and it took almost two hours to open gifts. My guests were patient, but I am sure it wasn't that thrilling to watch me open everything. So when my both my aunt and a close family friend offered to throw my baby shower, we thought that two showers would be the perfect solution. Yesterday was my family shower. It was intimate (with about 22 guests). It was nice because I got to visit with each guest, and really enjoy opening my gifts. I actually think baby gifts are way more fun than wedding gifts, but I might be bias at this point in my life. My Aunt did an amazing job decorating her home for the shower. She took a clothes line and decorated it with blue and brown onesies (my nursery colors) and used it as a decoration. The best part was that I got to take the onesies home!!! She also had the most adorable cake decorated, and had really cute favors. She had iced sugar cookies, some were shaped like toy blocks with the letter "J" for the baby's name Jake, and the others were blue teddy bears. Not only were the cookies cute, but they tasted so amazing that most people ate them before even leaving the shower. Since everyone knows Hangers Couture is my business they wanted to see my new line of baby boy hangers. I am not going to reveal them until they are complete, but they are super cute and something that even dads can get excited about!

Hangers Couture and Europe

When I launched Hangers Couture earlier this year I could never of imagined that I would be shipping my products to Europe. I have always loved Europe, and been fascinated with European culture that I am always excited to send a package overseas. I think what I love about Europe is the rich history. You walk streets, and step into churches and buildings that people have been stepping into for hundreds of years. Some of the countries I have shipped to in the past few weeks include: Holland, France, Cyprus, Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom. What makes this even more special is that my company was inspired by a trip to Scandinavia: http://hangerscouture.com/about.php I love getting any orders, and have been so happy about the feedback I have been receiving about our designer beaded hangers, and look forward to all orders from the United States and overseas!

Wedding Favors

Wedding favors are a small token of appreciation to your guests for joining you on your big day, however, the cost can add up quickly. Having attended 12 weddings in the year prior to my wedding I noticed something that all weddings seemed to have in common... at the end of the night more than half the favors were left on the table. I don't think it's your guests intention to leave their favor behind, they just leave their table after dinner, and just don't think about going back for the favor. We decided to have a photo booth and people could bring their pictures home as their "favor." The fun part was we got a disc with every photo on it. Some people must have not thought about the fact that we would see every picture because we had some interesting pictures!

Unique Holiday Gift Ideas

Yes I know we haven't even reached Halloween yet. However, it is never to early to start ticking people off your holiday gift giving list. Our hangers are the perfect gift for any lady on your list. EVERYONE uses hangers, and there is no guessing about sizes and worrying if something is their taste. We are going to be adding new colors to our adult pearl hangers line that will include black, and a steel blue. We are also adding a baby boy line!

Fun Fall Birthday Parties!

Growing up in the midwest I have always loved fall. I cannot say that I am excited the it leads to a long winter, but just everything that goes with fall. I was always jealous of those who had birthdays in the fall because there are so many fun birthday ideas. Pumpkin farms are a big deal, and the provide at least an hours worth of entertainment, from Hay Rides, petting zoos, corn mazes, among many other things. I think these are great venues for birthday parties, and you can keep them pretty cost effective. Each child can bring home a small pumpkin as a "favor," which takes the stress out of finding the perfect favor. You can also have a fun fall birthday party at home. Depending on the age of your child and their guests you can do pumpkin carving, or paining. Or have them create mini scarecrows or other fun holiday crafts. There are just so many fun and creative ideas out there, that make for a stress free, but memorable party for your child and their party guests!