Cabin Fever

It is that time of year again, yes cabin fever has set in. With the holidays behind us, it seems that there is nothing to really keep us busy, so we are biding time until the weather once again gets nicer. I have taken advantage of this time inside to get organized! I have organized my files, and realized I don't need credit card statements from 4 years ago. Although I wouldn't suggest throwing things like that out unless you have somewhere to shred the paperwork... you don't want any personal information floating out there! I also have tackled my closet once again. My best advice is to try things on. It is easy to hang onto that shirt "just in case" you want to wear it. Try it on and see if you feel good about how you look in it. I have also got in the habit of donating a shirt when I buy something new. I keep a shopping bag in my closet, so when I buy a new clothing item, I put an old clothing item in the shopping bag to donate. I have realized when it comes to clothes "less is more." I seem to wear a variety of clothes when I have less options. Just a few ideas to beat the winter blues.

Baby Boy Hangers!

They are complete!!! I have been designing and anxiously awaiting the completion of my baby boy hanger line. My first two designs are baseball and soccer (football for our England fans) ball hangers. They are the perfect touch to any little boy's closet. They will be up on my site by the end of the week, but email me at hangers.couture@gmail(dot)com if you would like to order them now. They make the perfect gift for baby showers, or just a fun baby gift in general. I cannot wait to hear what you think.


Every year I try to pick a resolution that I think I am going to stick with. In the past I have tried: cutting out soda, cutting our sugar, working out 5 days a week... just to name a few. Trust me they probably lasted a week. This year I decided that I am going to try to de-clutter my life. I cleaned out my closet, my desk drawers, and without hesitation got rid of things I just don't use. The second part of my resolution is that when I go shopping and I buy something new I have to get rid of something. For example I bought two new long sleeve tees, so when I got home I eliminated two of my old tees. Fingers crossed this is a resolution I can stick with!