Baby Boy Hangers

It is amazing how many adorable baby boy clothes are out there. I thought that not having a girl I would save money on clothing, but it has been the opposite, every little boy outfit I find is cuter than the next. That is why little boys also deserve to have some adorable hangers in their closet. I have designed soccer ball, and baseball hangers that are sure to please any little sport fan.

Baby Boy Hangers

Our Baby Boy Hangers have been flying out the door!!! Remember just a few add that special touch to any little boys closet. They are also great for those "keepsake" clothing pieces. If you are attending a baby shower, or looking for a baby boy gift, add a few of our boys hangers just as an added touch!

Bridal Shower Themes- Little Black Dress

Since wedding season will be in full swing I thought I would start sharing some bridal shower themes I thought were cute. The "little black dress" shower is a lot of fun for everyone. This shower is hosted at night, and it is treated like a cocktail party. The guests can wear their favorite "little black dress" but they don't have to. Of course our white pearl beaded hangers make a great shower favor!

Wedding Dress

I can tell it is wedding season again, I have had a lot of brides purchase our pearl beaded hangers for their wedding dresses. Displaying your dress on the pearl beaded hangers makes beautiful pictures! Our hangers also make excellent bridesmaids gifts. I know for my wedding I was looking for something unique to give my bridesmaids. These hangers are unique, and everyone uses hangers! Happy wedding season, and congrats to all the brides to be out there!

Valentine’s Day

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Valentine's day. When I was a kid I always wanted to make my own valentines, and I couldn't wait to "deliver" them to my classmates during our class party. Now as an adult I enjoy Valentine's Day just as much. Although I no longer make my own Valentine's I enjoy sending them out just as much, and look forward to making them with my kids in the coming years. On a side note our pink pearl hanger make a great valentines day gift!

New Beaded Hangers!

We have added a new baby boy beaded hanger collection to our website. These adorable hangers come in baseball, or soccer ball beads. They are the perfect addition to any little boys closet! We have also added a black pearl beaded hanger. These black pearl hangers are a perfect accent to the white pearl hangers.