Mother’s Day Gift Idea… Pearl Hangers

Yes, mom is probably the hardest person to shop for, she doesn't need a thing... and yet she does so much for you.
Pearl Hangers
Hangers Couture Pearl Hanger
Our Pearl Hangers are elegant yet sturdy, they are a great addition to any closet. Lets face it, mom might be hard to shop for, and might not "need anything." However, she can always use hangers, why not buy her something she probably won't splurge for herself!

Baby Socks

I thought his was an important post because I have gone through a ton of different brands of baby socks... and I have found that almost NONE of them stay on! It is so frustrating and I spend my day searching for a missing sock, or just putting on a new pair altogether. Instead of going through the endless brands of socks that I have tried, and just didn't work I wanted to share what I have found to be the best brand of baby socks... good old Haines! Yes, Haines, they have been tried and true, stayed on, and held their elasticity even through several washes. I have used the 6-12 months since my little guy was born!

A Baby Product I Can’t Live Without

Everyone raved about Dr. Brown baby bottles, but also prefaced them by saying how difficult they are to clean because of all of the parts. When my son was first born we were putting his bottles in the dishwasher after each use, we were running the dishwasher four times a day!!!
Boon Grass Drying Rack
Boon Grass Drying Rack
So we decided to soak them in hot water after each use and wash them by hand, and then put them in the dishwasher only when we were going to run it. So we decided to purchase the Boon "grass" and lawn accessories, the "twig" and the "flower." We couldn't not live without our "grass," and for our next baby we will purchase the "lawn." The accessories work perfect with all the Dr. Brown bottle parts.
Boon Lawn accessorie "Flower"
Boon Lawn accessorie "Flower"

Unique Bridal Shower Ideas

I have talked about this before, however, we are planning yet another fun "little black dress" bridal shower. Instead of the typical brunch, this bridal shower is being held on a Saturday night. It is a cocktail party with heavy appetizers rather than a full sit down meal. The best part will be the good looking bartender creating "signature" drinks! I will post pictures once the shower is over. We are using our black pearl hangers as a shower favor. We have had a lot of clients use our hangers as shower favors, and I am always happy to offer a volume discount!
Pearl Hanger
Black Pearl Hanger

Baby Boy Hangers

If you are looking for that unique baby gift for your next shower, our baby boy hangers are just the thing! They are an adorable addition to any baby's wardrobe. We offer soccer ball and baseball hangers, not only are they cute, they are also sturdy.
Baby Boy Soccer Ball Hangers
Baby Boy Hanger (soccer ball)
Baby Boy Soccer Ball Hangers
Baby Boy Hangers (Soccer Ball)

A Baby Sprinkle, the New Baby Shower?

I just heard about a new "Baby Shower" called a Sprinkle. It is typically thrown for a mom who is having their second or third or fourth... baby, usually of the opposite sex of their other baby or babies. Instead of gifting large items like strollers, high chairs, toys, etc., gifts usually consist of clothes, or other "gender" items the mom doesn't already have.
Baby Girl Hanger
Baby Girl White Pearl Clothes Hanger
I think it is a fun idea, however, personally after my wedding shower, and baby shower, I would feel bad asking people to give me gifts for something else. However, if someone were to throw me a "sprinkle" I would not be opposed, and I would happily attend one for friends and family.
Baby Boy Clothes Soccer Hanger
Baby Boy Clothes Hanger (Soccer Ball)
Baby Boy Soccer Hanger
Baby Boy Hanger (Soccer)

Mother’s Day Gift… Pearl Hangers

If you are like me, my mom really doesn't need a thing. She is the type of person if she really needs something she will buy it, however, she always tells me "at this point in my life there is nothing I need." This makes buying gifts really difficult! I am always searching for those unique gifts that she never knew that she needed! That is why I feel like our Peal Hangers, and Crystal Hangers make a great gift for mom. Everyone can use hangers, why not add some fun ones to mom's closet! They also make a great gift for any women on your shopping list that is just hard to buy for!
Pearl Hanger
White Peal Hanger
Pearl Hanger
White Pearl Hanger