Traveling with an Infant

We are traveling with our son for the first time this week. I think we could spend $1000 on all the items that are available to make traveling with kids easier... it almost makes you wonder if buying all that stuff will make things more complicated because it is just more stuff to keep track of.
Car Seat Strap
However, I did restrain myself and only purchased three items. A cover for our car seat (we are checking), a cover for our stroller (we are gate checking), and a strap to go around my suitcase the the car seat attaches too. I will let everyone know if these made thing easier!

Unique Bridesmaids Gifts

It's wedding season, and I know that with everything else brides have to focus on, finding that unique gift for your bridesmaids is just another thing to add to that list! Jewelery is usually the go to gift, but with such unique necklines on bridesmaids dresses you don't even need to wear a necklace. I also feel brides are staying away from making their bridesmaids look "cookie cutter" and allowing them to wear their own shoes & jewelery.
White Pearl Hangers
White Pearl Beaded Hanger
Our pearl beaded hangers are a unique gift for everyone in your bridal party. They can be used to take photos of the bridesmaids dresses, and once the wedding is over, everyone uses hangers. HAPPY WEDDING SEASON!