Unique Holiday Gift: Designer Clothing Hangers

Our designer clothing Hangers make a unique holiday gift. They are beautiful in person, but they are also practical, EVERYONE uses hangers. You can mix and match the pearl hangers, and the crystal clothing hangers. The are a great gift for the gal who has "EVERYTHING"!
pearl hangers, crystal hangers
Pearl Hangers, Crystal Hangers

Baby Clothes Hangers

Our adorable baby hangers are the perfect touch to any baby closet, or baby boutique. We do offer wholesale pricing so please contact us at hangers.couture@gmail(dot)com for more information! Why not hanger your adorable clothes and equally adorable baby hangers!
Baby Boy Baseball Hangers
Baby Hangers. Baby Boy Baseball Hangers
Baby Hangers
Baby Girl Pearl Beaded Hangers

Designer Baby Hangers

Decorating your babies nursery is an exciting time. Why not add a few designer hangers to add that "extra" touch! We have pearl, crystal, and sports hangers. Our hangers are perfect for any baby girl or baby boy's room.
Baby Hangers
Baby Girl Pearl Beaded Hangers
Baby Boy Hangers
Baby Boy Hangers, Baseball Hanger, Soccer Hanger

Designer Hangers Wholesale

Our hangers are more adorable in person that on the website. We have boutiques throughout the USA, Australia, Europe, and the Middle East that carry our designer hangers, and even use them to display their clothes. We do offer wholesale pricing so please feel free to contact us at hangers.couture@gmail(dot)come. Our Pearl hangers a very sturdy and make a perfect coat hangers, or wedding dress hanger.
Designer Hanger, Pearl Coat Hanger
Beaded Designer Hangers
Pearl Hangers, Crystal Hangers, Designer Beaded Hangers, Baby Hangers

Designer Hangers – Pearl Hangers

Designer hangers are a fun touch to any closet. We take pride in the quality of our hangers, especially our Pearl Hangers. Our beads are a large diameter, which allowed for us to use a thicker wire. Thus, creating a very sturdy hanger that can hold coats, heavy dresses, and even a wedding dress. They look great in your closet, and make a fun and unique gift.
Designer Pearl Hanger
Designer Pearl Hanger
We also have baby hangers for baby boys and girls. We also made sure these hangers were made with a sturdy wire to create the highest quality hanger possible. Our photos on our website just don't do our hangers justice, they are even more beautiful in person!
Baby Hangers
Baby Girl Pearl Beaded Hangers