Easter Basket Gift

Easter is right around the corner. Our designer hangers make a great addition to any Easter Basket! We offer Pearl Hangers, and Crystal Hangers in various colors!
Designer Pearl Hanger, Beaded Hanger, Designer Hanger
Designer Pearl Hangers, Designer hangers, coat hangers, clothing hanger, international shipping
Designer Crystal Hanger
Designer Crystal Hanger, clothing hanger

Bridal Party Gifts

Do you want to give your bridal party something other than jewelery? Our beautiful designer hangers are just the thing! Everyone uses hangers, and you can even use them on the big day to display the dresses for photos. Our pearl hangers, and crystal hangers will be the perfect touch for your big day!
Pearl Hangers, Designer Hangers, clothing hangers
Pearl Hangers

Baby Boy Hangers

My baby boy hangers were inspired by my son. When I found out I was pregnant with a boy I decided it was time to roll out a baby boy hanger line. So I decided on a "sports" themed hangers. My baseball and soccer ball (football) hangers are the perfect touch to any nursery.
Baby Boy Hangers
Baby Boy Hangers, Baseball Hanger, Soccer Hanger

Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gift

YIKES Valentine's Day always seems to sneak up on us!!! Well have no fear we have a great last minute Valentine's gift. Our designer hangers (Pearl hangers, Crystal Hangers) are a great gift. You don't have to worry about buying the wrong size, and EVERYONE uses hangers.
Designer Clothing Hangers
Pearl Hangers, Crystal Hangers, Designer Beaded Hangers, Baby Hangers, Clothing Hangers

Designer Hangers

Some people may think that designer hangers are a waste of money, and really not necessary. However, I can agree that it isn't necessary to fill your entire closet with designer hangers, but rather a few go a LONG way... but by all means if you really want to fill your closet with them you will have a really nice looking closet!
Pearl Hangers, Pearl Clothing Hangers, Designer Hangers, Clothing hangers, Fun hangers
Adult Pearl Hangers
I started by adding the pearl hangers, and crystal hangers to my closet to hang my nice tops, and dresses. It actually kept my closet organized, and kept my tops/dresses with thin straps from falling to the floor. Slowly I kept adding them to my closet, and now even my sweatshirts are hanging from designer hangers.