Back By Popular Demand: White Pearl Hangers

When I started Hangers Couture I had no idea what direction it would go into. I was in love with the product. Pearl hangers just seemed so elegant in my closet and I was much more motivated to organize my closet hanging my clothes on beautiful white pearl hangers and crystal hangers. However, would other people see the need for designer hangers? I honestly had no clue. With a small production budget, and an even smaller budget for a website I had no room for advertising. I really just launched my site, reached out to a few bloggers, social media sites, and hoped for the best. I still consider myself a "boutique" brand, however, we are growing faster than I have been able to keep up with. This isn't a bad problem to have, I just feel bad having my customers wait six plus weeks for their beautiful hangers. I have had the privileged to work with boutiques, new, and return customers... and can only hope that our growth continues.
white pearl hanger
White pearl hanger, designer hanger
With a lot of unforeseen delays our signature item the white pearl hangers were out of stock. I am so happy to report that EVERYTHING IS BACK IN STOCK... OUR WHITE PEARL HANGERS ARE BACK. I have two size beads on my adult white pearl hangers. I have the small bead (12mm) and the large bead (16mm). The hangers are identical in size with the exception of the bead size. The best way I can explain it is our small bead hanger is the "slim hanger" version of our large bead hanger. So if you need more closet space the small bead hanger is the way to go... both sizes are equally elegant, and both make great gifts.
Pearl Hanger
White pearl Hanger
As always I am always happy to offer a large order discount for retail and for those who are interested in using our hangers as shower favors. Please email us at: for any questions.