Baby “Binky” Basket

At my "day" job a work colleague is having a baby, and it is tradition that we have a baby shower at work. I have made it my tradition to put together what I call a "binky basket." I call it that because each basket I make for baby showers I attend contains a binky (pacifier). However, binky baskets have a theme to them as well.
Bath time Basket
After talking to new moms, the most common thing I heard is that they received a lot of clothes for their newborn, and then had to go out and buy clothes within the first month because their babies were growing out of the newborn clothes. I decided it would be beneficial for new moms to have the "little stuff" on hand that they may not think about until they need it (medicine, soap, lotion, powder, etc.)
Bath Baby Basket
The theme of this basket was "Bath Time." I filled it with shampoo/bath wash, baby lotion, diaper rash cream, a rubber ducky that changes color if the water is to hot, a binky that dispenses medication, and two more binkys. Baby Bath Basket Another theme I have used is a "Baby Ouchey Basket." This one I filled with a baby thermometer, a nose aspirator, baby Tylenol, teething rings, and baby ice packs. I love putting these together, so if you need any ideas feel free to email me.