Cyber Monday!!!

I must admit that I am not one to stand in line for a certain item on "BLACK FRIDAY" but I am jealous of those who get the amazing deals. Although, I did sneak out to Bed Bath and Beyond at 8AM to snap up the 20% your entire purchase coupon. This was an amazing coupon to have, and I didn't even have to fight off any crowds or stand in line to get it. Cyber Monday on the other hand is more my speed. It seems like the same great deals that are in the stores are available for you to enjoy sitting at home (or work) at the comfort of your computer. However, I feel like the closer you get to Christmas the more emails with "coupon codes" you receive in your inbox. So really "BLACK FRIDAY and Cyber Monday" are not the last chances for great deals around the holidays! Remember Hangers Couture is offering 25% all order until tomorrow (11/27/2011) if you email me your order at: Hangers.couture@gmail(dot)com. Our beaded hangers are a thoughtful and practical gift for even the hardest women on your list! Again I am not at the point where I can get coupon codes up for my site, but I will get there soon! Happy Holiday shopping!