Fall is right around the corner

As much as I hate to push through summer, the stores certainly don't miss a beat. I made a quick trip to Nordstroms only to discover that they are already having a sale on their fall items. It is over 85 degrees out and people were trying on boots, sweaters, and coats. I for one was not in the mood to try on fall apparel, but it was a reminder of how short the summer really is. So what does this mean, it is time to once again start cleaning out my closet. Whenever one season ends I go through my clothes to see what I have worn, and what I haven't. This is a great time to use Hangers Couture to organize your closet. I put my dressy tops and dresses on the beaded hangers so they are easy to find in my crowded closet. With fall right around the corner it means the holidays aren't that far behind, Hangers Couture would make fun and unique holiday gifts!