NuMom2b Study Visit 1

The post is out of the norm from what I usually post about. However, I feel that my audience may find this topic interesting. I am currently 13 weeks pregnant and I was at my OBGYN's office yesterday. Before I saw my doctor the nurse said there were some nurses that wanted to talk to me about a research study for first time moms. The study is called NuMom2b, and the study includes 10,000 first time moms from 8 different areas around the country. 500,000 new moms across the country deliver babies with complications that could be potentially avoidable such as: preterm birth, low birth weight, and preeclampsia. The hope is that through this research these risks can be detected and prevented. The bottom line is participating in this study is not going to help me learn anything about my pregnancy, however, if I can help women even 10 years down the line I think that is a good thing. Research is important and I am excited to participate. Today I had my first study visit. I was told it would take about two hours, I was pleasantly surprised when I was done in just one hour. When I got there I had to fill out consent forms, I had to decide if my samples could be stored and used for future research, as well as consenting to my babies samples being stored for future research. They said my decision didn't affect the current study one way or the other. It was kind of strange to already make decisions about my baby, and signing consent, it really made the whole baby thing seem real. I was then asked to give a urine sample, and a "vaginal secretion" sample. This just consisted of rubbing two Q-tips in my.... well you get the point. An internal sample was also taken by a nurse, and finally a blood draw. The researcher asked my a ton of questions about my medical history, and my lifestyle the three months prior to conception. She also asked about my exercise habits, and some mental health questions. I honestly did not find any of the questions intrusive. After my current height, weight, blood pressure, and neck circumference (I know strange), were taken I was given some homework... more questions!!! I have to say it was only an hour out of my day and not a bad experience. I am excited for the study visit where they do the 3D ultrasound because my Doctor doesn't have that in her office. I will write more about my next two visits. Please feel free to contact me with any questions about my experience with the study.