Unique Bridesmaids Gifts & Unique Wedding Photo Ideas

It is expensive having a wedding, and it is expensive standing up in a wedding! I know the traditional bridesmaids gift is jewelery to wear the day of the wedding. However, I have heard more and more or brides straying away from this practice, rather letting their bridesmaids wear their own jewelery with certain restrictions. Wedding Dress Hanger This leaves the question of, "what do I give my bridesmaids?" Our Pearl Hangers, and Crystal Hangers have been a really popular gift. You can give them a set of 5 or just one. Everyone uses hangers so it is something they will actually use You can even use the hangers for pictures on the big day, they look great in photos of the Bridal dress and bridesmaids dresses hanging.
Beaded Hanger
Crystal Beaded Hanger