Fancy Pearl Hangers

No matter what the size of a woman’s closet, we at Hangers Couture believe that it should be filled not only with fabulous clothes but hung in the same manner – with style and purpose. Our designer hangers allow women to add some unique sparkle to their wardrobe while also keeping strappy items from falling off of their hangers. Whether a gift for one’s self, the extra inspiration a gal needs to organize and clean their closets or for gifting the woman who has everything, Hangers Couture provides an ageless closet accessory that is unique and luxurious gift, yet practical and affordable.  We also provide sizes for both adults and children. Below find a few of our favorite things about Hangers Couture, you can find us online at Unique and great quality -Adds to a stress free and sartorially pleasing closet -Affordable - 1 hanger for $4.40-$5.25 or 5 hangers for $20.00-$25.00 -Comes in sizes for women and children’s clothes -Children’s sizes allow every young girl to have her “princess closet”
Designer Hangers, Pearl Hangers
Designer Hangers, Pearl Hangers
Designer Clothing Hangers
Pearl Hangers, Crystal Hangers, Designer Beaded Hangers, Baby Hangers, Clothing Hangers
Pearl Hangers, Designer Hangers, clothing hangers
Pearl Hangers

Pearl Hangers

Our most popular style of designer hangers is our adult white pearl. They are very sturdy so make a great coat hanger, or even a wedding dress hanger. However, they are beautiful and the perfect touch to any closet, and even make a unique gift. Valentine's Day is right around the corner!
Pearl hanger, Coat Hanger, Designer Hanger
Pearl hanger, Coat Hanger, Designer Hanger, unique Valentine's Day gift

Pearl Hangers & International Shipping

Hangers Couture is based in the United States, however, I have shipped our beautiful designer hangers all over the world. I am always happy to investigate the lowest shipping price possible. If you live outside of the United States and are interested in purchasing hangers please email me at: hangers.couture@gmail(dot)com and I would be happy to send you a shipping quote!
Designer Pearl Hanger, Beaded Hanger, Designer Hanger
Designer Pearl Hangers, Designer hangers, coat hangers, clothing hanger, international shipping

Pearl Clothing Hangers

Organizing your closet is just more fun when you have beautiful clothing hangers to display your clothing! However, they are functional too! Our hangers are sturdy enough to hold a heavy coat, and even a heavy wedding dress. They also keep thin straps from slipping, thus keeping your fashion off your floor. If you are looking for a gift for that person who has EVERYTHING, our pearl hangers are your answer. Quality and function is our goal with all the hangers we sell!
Designer Pearl Hanger, Beaded Hanger
Designer Pearl Hangers, Designer hangers, coat hangers