Designer Baby Hangers- Unique Baby Shower Gifts

Our designer baby hangers have been a hit at every baby shower! They are a unique gift, something most moms wouldn't buy for themselves, but will enjoy a few in their nursery. Our baby hangers come in two styles: baby pearl hanger, and baby sports hangers. Please email me at: hangers.couture@gmail(dot)com with any questions. They are truly a unique baby shower gift!
Designer Baby Girl Hangers.  Pink Pearl baby hangers.
Designer Baby Girl Hangers. Pink Pearl baby hangers.

Baby Shower Ideas

I am blessed to have a large family, as well as a lot of family friends. My wedding shower was HUGE and it took almost two hours to open gifts. My guests were patient, but I am sure it wasn't that thrilling to watch me open everything. So when my both my aunt and a close family friend offered to throw my baby shower, we thought that two showers would be the perfect solution. Yesterday was my family shower. It was intimate (with about 22 guests). It was nice because I got to visit with each guest, and really enjoy opening my gifts. I actually think baby gifts are way more fun than wedding gifts, but I might be bias at this point in my life. My Aunt did an amazing job decorating her home for the shower. She took a clothes line and decorated it with blue and brown onesies (my nursery colors) and used it as a decoration. The best part was that I got to take the onesies home!!! She also had the most adorable cake decorated, and had really cute favors. She had iced sugar cookies, some were shaped like toy blocks with the letter "J" for the baby's name Jake, and the others were blue teddy bears. Not only were the cookies cute, but they tasted so amazing that most people ate them before even leaving the shower. Since everyone knows Hangers Couture is my business they wanted to see my new line of baby boy hangers. I am not going to reveal them until they are complete, but they are super cute and something that even dads can get excited about!

Gifts mom and dad will love!

Project 571 ( is the first eco-friendly college apparel company in the nation. All of their products are made from organic cotton, bamboo, and recycled polyester. Not only are they environmentally conscious, but their textiles are purchased from manufactures using Fair Trade certified materials where workers are treated and compensated fairly for their work. What you get is soft comfortable textiles and end up with a vintage look and stylish fit.
Illinois onesie
What I love is their onesies they are also made from organic cotton and non toxic ink. I have so many baby showers coming up, and my next gift will be onesies from the parents colleges along with our baby hangers. You can never be to young to start thinking about college!!! Also college football season will be here before we know it (not to rush summer) so why not outfit your little one with college apparel.
Valpo Onesie