Unique Holiday gift 2014: Pearl Hangers

Looking for a unique holiday gift? Our pearl hangers are just the thing! They add a beautiful touch to any closet. Our pearl hangers are sturdy, and keep thin straps from slipping. We offer our pearl hangers in two size beads 1mm and 16 mm. Our pearl hangers make the perfect gift because everyone uses hangers, and there is no guessing on size!
White pearl hanger with 12 mm bead
White pearl hanger with 12mm bead
Designer Pearl Hanger
Pearl Hanger

White Pearl Hangers are ALMOST here!

Our white pearl hangers are ALMOST back in stock. Our white pearl hangers are so popular it's hard to keep them in the door. The great news is our white pearl hangers will be here in time for your holiday shopping. They make a great gift for that gal who has everything... and everyone uses hangers!
clothing hangers, pearl hangers
Designer Hangers, Pearl Hangers, wedding dress hanger, white pearl hanger

Pearl Hanger and Designer Hanger Holiday Sales

Our Pearl Hangers, and designer hangers make a great Holiday gift... Hangers are something EVERYONE uses. Please stay tuned to our website for some great holiday deals.
Designer Clothing Hangers
Pearl Hangers, Crystal Hangers, Designer Beaded Hangers, Baby Hangers, Clothing Hangers

Pearl Hangers Make Great Holiday Gifts

It is never too early to start thinking about your holiday shopping. Looking for a unique gift for that girl who has "EVERYTHING"? Our Pearl hangers, and crystal hangers are the perfect gift. You don't have to worry about buying the right size, or color, plus it is something she can use for years to come! Our beaded clothing hangers also keep thin straps from slipping, so no more fashion ont he floor!
clothing hangers, pearl hangers
Designer Hangers, Pearl Hangers, wedding dress hanger
Designer Crystal Hanger
Designer Crystal Hanger, clothing hanger

Wedding Dress Hanger/ Pearl Hangers

Our pearl hangers are sturdy enough to hold the weight of a wedding dress. They are a great wedding dress hanger for photos on the big day!
Designer Hangers, Pearl Hangers, wedding dress hanger
Designer Hangers, Pearl Hangers, wedding dress hanger
Pearl Hangers, Designer Hanger
Pearl Hangers, Designer Hanger, wedding dress hanger
Pearl Hangers, Designer Hangers, clothing hangers
Pearl Hangers

Beaded Hangers

Beaded hangers are a beautiful addition to any closet. However, not only are they pretty, but they are practical! The beads keep thin straps from slipping, and your fashion from falling on the floor. We have beaded crystal, and beaded pearl hangers. We also have adorable beaded baby hangers. Buy some for yourself, but they also make a great gift, everyone uses clothing hangers.
Designer Pearl Hanger, Beaded Hanger
Designer Pearl Hanger, Designer hangers, coat hangers

Unique Bridal Shower Ideas

I have talked about this before, however, we are planning yet another fun "little black dress" bridal shower. Instead of the typical brunch, this bridal shower is being held on a Saturday night. It is a cocktail party with heavy appetizers rather than a full sit down meal. The best part will be the good looking bartender creating "signature" drinks! I will post pictures once the shower is over. We are using our black pearl hangers as a shower favor. We have had a lot of clients use our hangers as shower favors, and I am always happy to offer a volume discount!
Pearl Hanger
Black Pearl Hanger

Wedding Dress

I can tell it is wedding season again, I have had a lot of brides purchase our pearl beaded hangers for their wedding dresses. Displaying your dress on the pearl beaded hangers makes beautiful pictures! Our hangers also make excellent bridesmaids gifts. I know for my wedding I was looking for something unique to give my bridesmaids. These hangers are unique, and everyone uses hangers! Happy wedding season, and congrats to all the brides to be out there!