Hangers Couture Black Friday- Cyber Monday Deal

Hangers Couture has not been up and running a full year yet. Although I feel I am tech savvy I have not mastered the "coupon code" for PayPal. I would like to offer 25% off all orders from now until Monday. However, I need you to email me at hangers.couture@gmail(dot)com. I will then send you an invoice through PayPal with the 25% discount. With an invoice through PayPal you don't need a PayPal account to pay, it just provides security to the transaction. Our Pearl and Crystal beaded hangers make great holiday gifts, even for the "girl who has everything," everyone can use hangers, why not give beautiful ones! I look forward to you orders! I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

A lot to be Thankful for!

As we approach the Thanksgiving Holiday Hangers Couture has a lot to be thankful for in our first year of business. We have established some great partnerships on the web, and look to expand those in the upcoming year. Our products are being sold in a few boutiques, and look forward to offering our products in even more boutiques! We have shipped hangers all over the United States, Europe, Canada, Asia, and Australia and really appreciate all of our customers, and hope to ramp up our sales around the holidays, and as we add new products to our line. We wish everyone a Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving! We look forward to offering a "black Friday" and "Cyber Monday" promotion this weekend!

Black Friday Not Black Friday Anymore?

I have never really participated in "Black Friday" sales in the past, but I have heard of people getting amazing deals. I just don't have the patients to stand in line for hours waiting for a store to open. However, my first baby is due on 12/30 so I am sure in the future there might be that "must have" toy that I will wait in line for. White pearl hanger However, I feel like I have seen a lot of commercials advertising "black Friday" sales as early as this weekend. So, is black Friday really the best time to shop before the holidays? Or dos it seem like the stores continue to push sales the closer it gets to Christmas? Hangers Couture will offer some discount next weekend, so if you are looking for a deal and don't want to fight the crowd shop from home on our website 🙂 For those of you brave enough to fight the crowds next Friday I hope you get some amazing deals!