Unique Teacher Gift

Looking for a teacher gift?  Our pearl hangers and crystal hangers make the perfect gift for your child's teacher.  No guessing on sizes, and everyone uses hangers!  Our pearl hangers come in: pink, white, black, and grey all make the perfect addition to any closet.  We also have white pearl scarf hangers, and pearl pant hangers.  No matter the gift giving occasion our desinger hangers make great gifts!


Pearl Scarf Hanger
Pearl Scarf Hanger
White Pearl Hanger
White Pearl Hanger
Pearl Pant/Skirt Hanger
Pearl Pant/Skirt Hanger

Beautiful Clothes Deserve Beautiful Hangers

We all have our favorite dress and top, we splurged on them and save them for those special occasions.  Those beautiful clothes deserve beautiful hangers!  Designer hangers are not a huge splurge, and the add a "boutique" feeling to your closet.  Designer hangers also make the perfect gift for the girl who has everything. 

Our designer hangers come in two style pearl hangers and crystal hangers.  Not only are they beautiful, but they are extremely sturdy.  They can carry the wait of heavy gowns, and coats.  Many of our clients have used our pearl hangers as their wedding dress hanger.  They have also used them as bridesmaids gifts.  We are more than happy to match the hanger bow to your wedding colors, just ask!  No more ugly hangers!  Put those beautiful clothes and equally elegant hangers.

Pearl Hanger

Black and clear crystal hanger
Black and clear crystal hanger


Cyber Monday 2015 Buy Your Pearl Hangers

We LOVE Cyber Monday so much that we are offering 20% off until 12.04.2015.  The code is: holiday2015

Crystal Hanger

This is the PERFECT time to do your holiday shopping!  Our Pearl Hangers and crystal hanger make the perfect gift for anyone on your list. 

White Pearl & Blue Crystal

Designer Hanger
Pink and Clear Crystal
Pearl Hanger
Beautiful Pearl Hanger

Looking for a Gift? Pearl Hangers, Designer Hangers and More!

We love giving gifts!  However, sometimes it is hard to find a unique gift that the receiver will actually use.  That was one of the reasons why Hangers Couture was created.  We wanted to create a gift that anyone could use.  Let's face it we ALL need hangers, why not hang beautiful clothes on beautiful hangers.

Designer Hanger
Clear & Pink Crystal Hanger

There are so many gift giving occasions throughout the year:  Birthdays, Mother's Day, Easter, Valentine's Day, Weddings, Bridal Showers, Bachelorette Parties, Baby showers, the holidays... we could go on and on.  We are confident that no matter what the celebration/occasion our hangers will truly be a gift they will love.  They are all elegant, and yet constructed to be sturdy enough to hold the weight of a wedding dress or a coat.


Pearl Pant Hanger
White Pearl Pant/Skirt Hanger


Our white pearl hanger (large bead) has continued to be out best seller.  However, due to the popularity of our white pearl hanger we decided to create a smaller version.  Everything is the same between the white pearl large bead and white pearl small bead hanger, with the exception of the bead size.  Our white pearl hanger (small bead) is the "slim hanger" version of our White pearl hanger (large bead).  Both equally as beautiful.

We have also reintroduced out pink & clear crystal hanger and our rolled out a pant/skirt pearl hanger to compliment our pearl shirt hanger. 

We have many clients who own boutiques so please email us at:  hangers.couture@gmail.com with any large order quantity questions.  We have more designs to come!



Designer Hangers as a Unique Bridesmaids Gift

Why do you need designer hangers? Our simple answer is WHY NOT! You are in your closet everyday picking out clothes, organizing clothes, so why get hung up on ordinary hangers. A few designer hangers will make your closet feel like a boutique. They are durable and sturdy, keep thin straps from slipping, and yet they are absolutely gorgeous. A mix of pearl hangers and crystal hangers are an elegant touch to any closet. A great tip is to use them for dressy tops so they are easy to identify in a crowded closet. Bridesmaids gift... they can be tough. Your bridesmaids are probably part of your life for different reasons, they have different personalities and taste, yet it is important to give them a thoughtful gift because we all know it is a huge commitment to be part of someones wedding. From buying the bridesmaids dress, planning and attending showers and bachelorette parties, your bridesmaids are a huge reason a lot of your pre-wedding activities happen.
Designer Hanger
Bridesmaids gift
Our designer hangers are the perfect bridesmaids gift for many different reasons. First it is something all of your bridsemaids will actually use after the wedding, they most likely all use hangers. Our designer hangers are also a great touch to any wedding day photos, they are a great way to display the bridesmaids dresses, and they also make a perfect wedding dress hanger. So not only will your bridesmaids use the hangers after the wedding, they will get some use the day of the wedding.
Designer Hanger
Bridesmaids Gift
How can you incorporate the hangers into your wedding? We are more than happy to help with this. We can tie a bow on each hanger to match your wedding colors. If we don't have your wedding colors, we will find them. For more information please email us at: hangers.couture@gmail.com and we'll be happy to help you create the perfect bridesmaids gift. We have beautiful pearl hangers, crystal hangers, and beaded hangers.
bridesmaids gifts
Ribbon for bridesmaids gifts, pearl hangers

Designer Baby Hangers: Pearl Baby Hangers and Crystal Baby Hangers

Designer baby hangers are a fun way to display your babies adorable dresses and special occasion gowns. Our pearl hangers, and crystal hangers are not only beautiful, but they are sturdy enough to hanger heavier baby items like coats, yet still look elegant. If you are looking for that unique baby shower gift or baby gift our baby hangers are your answer, everyone needs hangers!
Baby hanger
Pink Crystal baby hanger
baby hanger
White Pearl baby hanger

Last Minute Holiday Gift Idea: Pearl Hangers

Looking for that last minute holiday gift? Our pearl hangers and crystal hangers make a great holiday gift. Not only are our pearl hangers beautiful, they are practical... everyone uses hangers. There is still time to place an order, email us at: hangers.couture@gmail.com for any questions.
Pearl hanger and holiday gift
Holiday gift idea: pearl hanger

Holiday Shopping and Pearl Hangers

Looking for the perfect holiday gift? Haven't even thought about your holiday shopping? Don't worry our pearl hangers and crystal hangers make the perfect gift for all the ladies on your list. Not only are our pearl hangers elegant, but they are functional... everyone uses hangers. Plus the pearl hangers keep clothes from falling to the floor. Our pearl hangers make a unique holiday gift!
Pearl Hanger
White pearl Hanger
White pearl hanger
Pearl Hanger

Bachelorette Party Gifts: Pearl Hangers & Crystal Hangers

Looking for fun bachelorette party gifts? Our pearl hangers and our crystal hangers are your answer. Not only are our pearl hangers beautiful, designer hangers are functional too, they keep thin straps from slipping off hangers. Our pearl hangers and crystal hangers make a unique gift, and there is no guessing about sizes!
clothing hangers, pearl hangers
Designer Hangers, Pearl Hangers, wedding dress hanger, white pearl hanger
Designer hanger, Crystal hanger
Designer hanger, Crystal hanger

Designer Hangers – Pearl Hangers

Why would you want designer hangers? They make organizing your closet more fun. I start with a few pearl hangers and a few crystal hangers and hanger my dresses, and dressy tops on them. That way it is easy to recognize my dressy clothes to my everyday clothes. Don't worry though soon your closet will be filled with pearl hangers or crystal hangers. Not only are our designer hangers beautiful but they are sturdy and keep thin straps from slipping!
Pearl Hangers, Designer Hanger
Pearl Hangers, Designer Hanger, wedding dress hanger
Pearl Hangers, white pearl hangers
Pearl Hangers, white pearl hanger, crystal hangers