Last Minute Christmas Gift

You are not alone if you still have a few gift to buy!  Our pearl hangers or crystal hangers make the perfect gift, no guessing on sizes, and everyone uses hangers.

We ship from Chicago, 2-3 business days shipping on most orders placed in the US.  We are offering 20% off all order from now until 12.24.2015 coupon code: gift2015

If you are running short on time please contact us at: for express shipping options.

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White Pearl Hangers Back in Stock Make Great Gifts!

Our white pearl hangers (large bead) are in fact back in stock. They are our most popular hanger, and make a truly unique gift. Why white pearl hangers? Everyone uses hangers, plus they keep thin straps from slipping. If you are a boutique we do offer wholesale pricing on our pearl hangers and other designer hangers. Also, if you are International (outside the US) please email us at: for shipping pricing on the exact order you want to place.
Pearl Hanger
White pearl Hanger
pearl hanger
Pearl Hanger
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Beaded Hangers

Beaded hangers are a beautiful addition to any closet. However, not only are they pretty, but they are practical! The beads keep thin straps from slipping, and your fashion from falling on the floor. We have beaded crystal, and beaded pearl hangers. We also have adorable beaded baby hangers. Buy some for yourself, but they also make a great gift, everyone uses clothing hangers.
Designer Pearl Hanger, Beaded Hanger
Designer Pearl Hanger, Designer hangers, coat hangers