Unique Bridesmaids Gift: Pearl Hangers

Looking for a unique and functional bridesmaids gift?  Our pearl hangers are the answer!  They are beautiful yet functional, the pearl beads keep straps from slipping.  Our pearl hangers are also the perfect touch for photos of the dresses on the big day.  We can customize the ribbon color to match your wedding colors.  Just email us at hangers.couture@gmail.com.

Pearl Hangers for Bridesdmaids
Pearl Hangers for Bridesdmaids

Our pearl hangers also make unique favors for wedding and bridal showers. We are more than happy to offer a volume discount on large orders.  We can also customize these bows to match the color theme.

Designer Hangers
Designer Hangers

Colorful Braided Hangers


Our Braided hangers are a brand new design for us!  They are made from an extremely sturdy wire hangers then wrapped with colorful braided rope.  The rope helps keep straps from slipping, so they are sturdy yet beautiful.  They will add a pop of color to any closet.  The braided hangers come in packs of three: pink, purple, grey, teal, and teal & white stripe.  These are a perfect addition to any closet, and also make for fun and unique gifts!


Braided Hangers
Braided Hangers



Pink Braided Hangers

Braided Hangers

Pearl Bead Scarf hanger

We are always searching for new beautiful hangers to develop.  Our customers are always the best way to decide where there is a need for new pearl hanger designs.  Scarfs are an investment in themselves, so why not display them on beautiful hangers?  Our new pearl scarf hanger is the perfect solution for not only storing but displaying your favorite and most used scarfs!  Our new pearl scarf hanger is now available on our website:  https://www.hangerscouture.com/product/white-pearl-scarf-hanger/


White Pearl Scarf Hanger
White Pearl Scarf Hanger

New Color! Grey Pearl Hangers

We have decided to expand our pearl hanger line and after careful consideration we decided that grey would be the perfect addition.  Grey is a tricky color, it can sometimes look blue, other times it can look purple.  We tried a lot of different shades of grey, and finally settled on what we thought to be the perfect color for our pearl hanger collection.  We are currently offering our grey pearl hanger in the large bead size, you can order here:  https://www.hangerscouture.com/product/pearl-hanger-large-bead/ 



Our grey pearl hangers are the perfect compliment to our white pearl hangers and pink pearl hangers.  Please contact us at:  hangers.couture@gmail.com with any questions.

Pearl Hangers Make a Great Gift for Mom!

Mother's Day is right around the corner.  Mom always does everything for everyone else, it is the perfect day to make mom feel special.  What do you get the women who just tells you to "get them a card"?  That is my mom's favorite response when any of us ask her what she wants/needs.  A card is nice, but it is simply not enough to show mom how much she is appreciated!

Our pearl hangers always make a great gift.  We all use hangers, why not get mom something she would not splurge on herself. We have beautiful white pearl hangers, and pink pearl hangers.  We also have gorgeous crystal hangers.  No matter what you choose mom will be sure to love them!

Pearl Hanger
Beautiful Pearl Hanger

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Fun and Unique Holiday Gifts: Designer Hangers & Pearl Hangers

If you are like me I like to plan SUPER early my holiday shopping list.  I am always looking for that unique gift that the receiver probably wouldn't buy for themselves, as well as something I know they will use!

One of the reasons Hangers Couture was founded because I am passionate about giving beautiful gifts.  The minute I set my eyes on the pearl hangers in that small boutique in Sweden I knew I had to have them.  They were elegant and just made the clothes look even more beautiful.  I came home to the United States and couldn't find those gorgeous Pearl Hangers anywhere.  I had a few birthdays and weddings that I planned on gifting the designer hangers.  I took matter into my own hands and started production on my first line of hangers for Hangers Couture.

So now the holiday season is ALMOST upon us.  Well almost, we still need to get through Halloween and Thanksgiving, but like I said I always like to plan ahead.  Our beautiful pearl hangers and other designer hangers make the perfect gift for the girl has everything.  Let's be honest EVERYONE uses hangers, why not have a few beautiful ones to make your closet look like a boutique.


Pearl Hanger
Beautiful Pearl Hanger

If you own a boutique I do offer wholesale pricing.  Please email us at:  hangers.couture@gmail.com for price quotes.

Happy Holiday shopping season!

Back By Popular Demand: White Pearl Hangers

When I started Hangers Couture I had no idea what direction it would go into. I was in love with the product. Pearl hangers just seemed so elegant in my closet and I was much more motivated to organize my closet hanging my clothes on beautiful white pearl hangers and crystal hangers. However, would other people see the need for designer hangers? I honestly had no clue. With a small production budget, and an even smaller budget for a website I had no room for advertising. I really just launched my site, reached out to a few bloggers, social media sites, and hoped for the best. I still consider myself a "boutique" brand, however, we are growing faster than I have been able to keep up with. This isn't a bad problem to have, I just feel bad having my customers wait six plus weeks for their beautiful hangers. I have had the privileged to work with boutiques, new, and return customers... and can only hope that our growth continues.
white pearl hanger
White pearl hanger, designer hanger
With a lot of unforeseen delays our signature item the white pearl hangers were out of stock. I am so happy to report that EVERYTHING IS BACK IN STOCK... OUR WHITE PEARL HANGERS ARE BACK. I have two size beads on my adult white pearl hangers. I have the small bead (12mm) and the large bead (16mm). The hangers are identical in size with the exception of the bead size. The best way I can explain it is our small bead hanger is the "slim hanger" version of our large bead hanger. So if you need more closet space the small bead hanger is the way to go... both sizes are equally elegant, and both make great gifts.
Pearl Hanger
White pearl Hanger
As always I am always happy to offer a large order discount for retail and for those who are interested in using our hangers as shower favors. Please email us at: hangers.couture@gmail.com for any questions.

Designer Hangers Make a Unique Gift

It doesn't matter the time of year we always need to buy gifts for one occasion or another. Gift cards are always a wonderful option, it allows the receiver to purchase something they will be sure to love. However, sometimes it can seem impersonal as if not a lot of thought was put into the gift. If you are buying for a close friend chances are you have run out of gift ideas.
Pearl Hanger
White pearl Hanger
Hangers Couture was conceived with the idea that gift giving should be fun and easy. I always search for unique gifts, but often come up short because you cannot always match everyone's taste when choosing: clothes, home goods, or even jewelery. Designer hangers, maybe not something you need to deck your whole closet out in... although we won't discourage it. Designer hangers are something else, they are that unique thoughtful gift that anyone will use... because everyone uses hangers. Pearl hangers or crystal hangers you can't go wrong with either. They are not only useful, but unique and elegant. We also sell our designer hangers wholesale. They make a great bridal shower favor, and we can match the bow to match wedding colors. Our designer hangers also make the perfect boutique hangers, they add that extra touch to make your boutique even more elegant. Don't get hung up on ordinary hangers pearl hangers and crystal hangers are also a great way to get your closet organized. I have my dressy tops and dresses hanging on my pearl hangers so they are easy to identify in my closet.
designer hanger and gift
Designer hanger makes a unique gift and a fun bridesmaids gift
When it's time to buy your next gift don't run trying to find that "unique gift." Order from Hangers Couture and we are certain that your gift will be a hit. We can usually ship within one day of the purchase, and shipping is only $5 in the United States. Please contact us at: hangers.couture@gmail.com with any questions!
Designer hanger, clear beaded hanger
Designer hanger, clear beaded hanger

Fun Baby Gift

It's always tough buying a unique baby gift. People tend to get clothes and toys the baby will use the first few months of life. Our baby girl hangers and baby boy hangers are a fun gift that will get use everyday. Plus they are something the mom probably wouldn't buy herself. Our designer baby girl hangers come in white and soft pink, our baby boy hangers are offered in a soccer ball and baseball bead... perfect for the littlest fan. They make a unique addition to any baby shower gift or baby gift.
Baby boy hanger
Baby boy soccer hanger
baby hanger
White Pearl baby hanger
Baby hanger
Pink Crystal baby hanger
baby hanger
Baby boy baseball hanger

A Bridesmaids Gift they will Actually Use

Wedding planning is exciting and stressful at the same time. The amount of details that go into one day can make anyone's head spin. At the end of everything you realize you still have to figure out your bridesmaids gifts. It might turn out that all of your bridesmaids have one thing in common... you! This may make finding the right bridesmaids gift for everyone difficult.
bridesmaids gifts
Ribbon for bridesmaids gifts, pearl hangers
Our pearl hangers make the perfect bridesmaids gift, they are something everyone will actually use. They are beautiful and yet practical, sturdy enough to hold a wedding dress and even heavy coats. We can match the bow to your wedding colors so they can even be used in wedding photos to display all the beautiful dresses. Email us at hangers.couture@gmail.com for more information.
Bridesmaids gift
Pearl Hangers make a unique bridesmaids gift