Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gift

YIKES Valentine's Day always seems to sneak up on us!!! Well have no fear we have a great last minute Valentine's gift. Our designer hangers (Pearl hangers, Crystal Hangers) are a great gift. You don't have to worry about buying the wrong size, and EVERYONE uses hangers.
Designer Clothing Hangers
Pearl Hangers, Crystal Hangers, Designer Beaded Hangers, Baby Hangers, Clothing Hangers

Cabin Fever

It is that time of year again, yes cabin fever has set in. With the holidays behind us, it seems that there is nothing to really keep us busy, so we are biding time until the weather once again gets nicer. I have taken advantage of this time inside to get organized! I have organized my files, and realized I don't need credit card statements from 4 years ago. Although I wouldn't suggest throwing things like that out unless you have somewhere to shred the paperwork... you don't want any personal information floating out there! I also have tackled my closet once again. My best advice is to try things on. It is easy to hang onto that shirt "just in case" you want to wear it. Try it on and see if you feel good about how you look in it. I have also got in the habit of donating a shirt when I buy something new. I keep a shopping bag in my closet, so when I buy a new clothing item, I put an old clothing item in the shopping bag to donate. I have realized when it comes to clothes "less is more." I seem to wear a variety of clothes when I have less options. Just a few ideas to beat the winter blues.


Every year I try to pick a resolution that I think I am going to stick with. In the past I have tried: cutting out soda, cutting our sugar, working out 5 days a week... just to name a few. Trust me they probably lasted a week. This year I decided that I am going to try to de-clutter my life. I cleaned out my closet, my desk drawers, and without hesitation got rid of things I just don't use. The second part of my resolution is that when I go shopping and I buy something new I have to get rid of something. For example I bought two new long sleeve tees, so when I got home I eliminated two of my old tees. Fingers crossed this is a resolution I can stick with!

Only 24 more shopping days!

I cannot believe how fast this month is already flying by. As much as I try to get on top of my Christmas shopping, I always find myself scrambling at the last minute to buy gifts! Although shopping on-line has made my life a little easier. Don't forget you still have time to purchase our beautiful beaded hangers from Hangers Couture!

Unique Holiday Gifts

We are so honored by all of our customers who have already ordered our hangers for their holiday gifts. The holidays are my favorite time of the year, but I always find myself racking my brain with figuring out something unique to get everyone on my list. Hangers Couture is the perfect solution. Our beaded hangers make the perfect gift, even for the "girl who has everything." They are elegant, and yet practical. Everyone uses hangers, why not have some beautiful ones to add some "bling" to your closet. If you are looking for that unique holiday gift, we really hope you think of Hangers Couture.

Cyber Monday!!!

I must admit that I am not one to stand in line for a certain item on "BLACK FRIDAY" but I am jealous of those who get the amazing deals. Although, I did sneak out to Bed Bath and Beyond at 8AM to snap up the 20% your entire purchase coupon. This was an amazing coupon to have, and I didn't even have to fight off any crowds or stand in line to get it. Cyber Monday on the other hand is more my speed. It seems like the same great deals that are in the stores are available for you to enjoy sitting at home (or work) at the comfort of your computer. However, I feel like the closer you get to Christmas the more emails with "coupon codes" you receive in your inbox. So really "BLACK FRIDAY and Cyber Monday" are not the last chances for great deals around the holidays! Remember Hangers Couture is offering 25% all order until tomorrow (11/27/2011) if you email me your order at: Hangers.couture@gmail(dot)com. Our beaded hangers are a thoughtful and practical gift for even the hardest women on your list! Again I am not at the point where I can get coupon codes up for my site, but I will get there soon! Happy Holiday shopping!

Hangers Couture Black Friday- Cyber Monday Deal

Hangers Couture has not been up and running a full year yet. Although I feel I am tech savvy I have not mastered the "coupon code" for PayPal. I would like to offer 25% off all orders from now until Monday. However, I need you to email me at hangers.couture@gmail(dot)com. I will then send you an invoice through PayPal with the 25% discount. With an invoice through PayPal you don't need a PayPal account to pay, it just provides security to the transaction. Our Pearl and Crystal beaded hangers make great holiday gifts, even for the "girl who has everything," everyone can use hangers, why not give beautiful ones! I look forward to you orders! I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

A lot to be Thankful for!

As we approach the Thanksgiving Holiday Hangers Couture has a lot to be thankful for in our first year of business. We have established some great partnerships on the web, and look to expand those in the upcoming year. Our products are being sold in a few boutiques, and look forward to offering our products in even more boutiques! We have shipped hangers all over the United States, Europe, Canada, Asia, and Australia and really appreciate all of our customers, and hope to ramp up our sales around the holidays, and as we add new products to our line. We wish everyone a Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving! We look forward to offering a "black Friday" and "Cyber Monday" promotion this weekend!