Baby Pearl Skirt Hanger

By popular demand we created a baby pearl skirt hanger to match our already popular baby pearl hangers.  Our baby pearl skirt hangers are the perfect way to display your baby's adorable tutus.  They make a unique shower or baby gift.  Baby skirt hangers are the perfect addition to any nursery!

Baby Pink Pearl Skirt Hanger
Baby Pink Pearl Skirt Hanger
Baby Pink Pearl Skirt Hanger
Baby Pink Pearl Skirt Hanger

Looking for a Gift? Pearl Hangers, Designer Hangers and More!

We love giving gifts!  However, sometimes it is hard to find a unique gift that the receiver will actually use.  That was one of the reasons why Hangers Couture was created.  We wanted to create a gift that anyone could use.  Let's face it we ALL need hangers, why not hang beautiful clothes on beautiful hangers.

Designer Hanger
Clear & Pink Crystal Hanger

There are so many gift giving occasions throughout the year:  Birthdays, Mother's Day, Easter, Valentine's Day, Weddings, Bridal Showers, Bachelorette Parties, Baby showers, the holidays... we could go on and on.  We are confident that no matter what the celebration/occasion our hangers will truly be a gift they will love.  They are all elegant, and yet constructed to be sturdy enough to hold the weight of a wedding dress or a coat.


Pearl Pant Hanger
White Pearl Pant/Skirt Hanger


Our white pearl hanger (large bead) has continued to be out best seller.  However, due to the popularity of our white pearl hanger we decided to create a smaller version.  Everything is the same between the white pearl large bead and white pearl small bead hanger, with the exception of the bead size.  Our white pearl hanger (small bead) is the "slim hanger" version of our White pearl hanger (large bead).  Both equally as beautiful.

We have also reintroduced out pink & clear crystal hanger and our rolled out a pant/skirt pearl hanger to compliment our pearl shirt hanger. 

We have many clients who own boutiques so please email us at: with any large order quantity questions.  We have more designs to come!