A Bridesmaids Gift they will Actually Use

Wedding planning is exciting and stressful at the same time. The amount of details that go into one day can make anyone's head spin. At the end of everything you realize you still have to figure out your bridesmaids gifts. It might turn out that all of your bridesmaids have one thing in common... you! This may make finding the right bridesmaids gift for everyone difficult.
bridesmaids gifts
Ribbon for bridesmaids gifts, pearl hangers
Our pearl hangers make the perfect bridesmaids gift, they are something everyone will actually use. They are beautiful and yet practical, sturdy enough to hold a wedding dress and even heavy coats. We can match the bow to your wedding colors so they can even be used in wedding photos to display all the beautiful dresses. Email us at hangers.couture@gmail.com for more information.
Bridesmaids gift
Pearl Hangers make a unique bridesmaids gift