Bridal Shower Favors: Pearl Hangers

Our pearl hangers our a fun and unique bridal shower favor.  We can customize the bow color on your pearl hanger to match the color scheme of the shower.  Everyone uses hangers, and the pearl hangers will add an elegant touch to your event.  They have been widely popular at "little black dress" themed showers.

Pearl Hanger Bridal Shower Favors
Pearl Hanger Bridal Shower Favorsavors


We have also had a lot of brides use our pearl hangers as bridesmaids gifts.  They are a gift they will get a lot of use out of, but they are also fun to use for photos on the big day.  Again, we can customize the bow color with your wedding color scheme.  Please reach out with any inquiries:

Pearl Hanger Bridal Shower Favors
Pearl Hanger Bridal Shower Favors

Something Blue: Bridal Hangers and Bridesmaids Gifts

Here at Hangers Couture LOVE wedding season.  As you get a sneak of spring in the air, it is a gentle reminder that wedding season is right around the corner.  However, there is more to the wedding than just the "Big day."  There are showers, bachelorette parties, and asking your bridesmaids to be in your wedding.  Not to mention bridesmaids luncheons and rehearsal dinners.

We would love to be part of any of these events.  Our hangers are a unique gift, but a gift anyone can use, we ALL have hangers in our closets, why not have special hangers for your special clothes!  Our pearl hangers have been used as bridal shower favors, bridesmaids gifts, and bridal gifts.  We are happy to change the color of the ribbon on our pearl hangers and crystal hangers to match the theme of your event.  Our pearl hangers have also been used as "something blue" for the bride by adding a pretty blue ribbon.  Contact us at: and we are happy to accommodate any of your needs.  Our pearl hangers are not just a great addition to your closet, but they are also a unique gift!




Pearl Hangers for Bridal Shower Favors

Looking for a fun and unique Bridal Shower Favor? Our Pearl Hangers make a fun and unique shower favor. They work great for attaching place cards, and are something that all of your guests can use. A few designer hangers, especially pearl hangers go a long way in your closet.
Pearl Hangers as Bridal Shower Favor
Pearl Hangers as Bridal Shower Favor
We do offer wholesale pricing for large orders. Please email: hangers.couture@gmail(dot)com for more info.