Pearl Hangers Make Fun Holiday Gifts!

I am breaking my own rule and talking about the holidays before Halloween YIKES!  However, with good reason.  I am reflecting on the past 8 years of my business and I have loved every minute of working with clients.  The whole reason for launching Hangers Couture was to create a really fun unique gift for any gift giving occasion. 

White Pearl Hanger
White Pearl Hanger

Everyone uses hangers!  We probably have multiple closets that we use hangers.  The beauty of giving pearl hangers as a gift is you DON'T have to guess on sizes.  We have our white pearl hangers and all of our pearl hangers in two bead sizes, large bead (16mm) and small bead (12mm).  Both sizes of our adult pearl hangers are exactly the same with the exception of the bead size.  This allows clients who need more room in their closet to enjoy our hangers as well.  Both pearl hangers are equally gorgeous.

Black Pearl Hanger


Back to gift giving.  We have had  a lot of brides use our pearl hangers as bridesmaids gifts, they are great for taking photos on your big day!  We have baby size pearl hangers that are a fun baby shower gift.  Need a unique hostess gift?  Look no farther, again EVERYONE uses hangers!  So looking for the unique holiday gift?  We've got you covered with our pearl hangers.  Don't wait took long, the holidays will be there before we know it!

Pearl Hanger Pink Pearl
Pearl Hanger Pink Pearl

Unique Holiday Gift Idea: Pearl Hangers & Designer Hangers

The holidays are upon us, and that means we have a list of people we have no idea what to buy them. Our pearl hangers, and designer hangers make a great gift for that girl who has "everything." You don't have to worry about buy the correct size, our hangers are the perfect touch to any women's closet! Our Pearl hangers come in white, black, and pink, we're happy to mix and match colors when you order. We also have crystal hangers, and baby hangers! Designer hangers make a unique gift this holiday season.
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Designer Clothing Hangers
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