Bridal Shower Favors: Pearl Hangers

Our pearl hangers our a fun and unique bridal shower favor.  We can customize the bow color on your pearl hanger to match the color scheme of the shower.  Everyone uses hangers, and the pearl hangers will add an elegant touch to your event.  They have been widely popular at "little black dress" themed showers.

Pearl Hanger Bridal Shower Favors
Pearl Hanger Bridal Shower Favorsavors


We have also had a lot of brides use our pearl hangers as bridesmaids gifts.  They are a gift they will get a lot of use out of, but they are also fun to use for photos on the big day.  Again, we can customize the bow color with your wedding color scheme.  Please reach out with any inquiries:

Pearl Hanger Bridal Shower Favors
Pearl Hanger Bridal Shower Favors

Designer Hangers Make a Unique Gift

It doesn't matter the time of year we always need to buy gifts for one occasion or another. Gift cards are always a wonderful option, it allows the receiver to purchase something they will be sure to love. However, sometimes it can seem impersonal as if not a lot of thought was put into the gift. If you are buying for a close friend chances are you have run out of gift ideas.
Pearl Hanger
White pearl Hanger
Hangers Couture was conceived with the idea that gift giving should be fun and easy. I always search for unique gifts, but often come up short because you cannot always match everyone's taste when choosing: clothes, home goods, or even jewelery. Designer hangers, maybe not something you need to deck your whole closet out in... although we won't discourage it. Designer hangers are something else, they are that unique thoughtful gift that anyone will use... because everyone uses hangers. Pearl hangers or crystal hangers you can't go wrong with either. They are not only useful, but unique and elegant. We also sell our designer hangers wholesale. They make a great bridal shower favor, and we can match the bow to match wedding colors. Our designer hangers also make the perfect boutique hangers, they add that extra touch to make your boutique even more elegant. Don't get hung up on ordinary hangers pearl hangers and crystal hangers are also a great way to get your closet organized. I have my dressy tops and dresses hanging on my pearl hangers so they are easy to identify in my closet.
designer hanger and gift
Designer hanger makes a unique gift and a fun bridesmaids gift
When it's time to buy your next gift don't run trying to find that "unique gift." Order from Hangers Couture and we are certain that your gift will be a hit. We can usually ship within one day of the purchase, and shipping is only $5 in the United States. Please contact us at: with any questions!
Designer hanger, clear beaded hanger
Designer hanger, clear beaded hanger